Completed Projects

Subway Extension Lines_ Ankara TR,2013
National Flag Square_ Baku AZ, 2012
Flame Tower Project Baku AZ, 2012
Nizami Kino Theatre Building_ Baku AZ,2012
Nizami Residence Building_ Baku AZ, 2011
Esentai Project_ Almaty KZ, 2009
Philip Morris Tobacco Building_ Moskva, RU,2008
Hımki IKEA_Himki RU, 2008
Sheremetyevo International Airport_, Moskva RU, 2007
Avalanche Control Systems_ Izmir TR, 2007
Bozdag Ski Center Annexes_Izmir TR, 2007
Tekel Tobacco Building Renovation, İzmir TR, 2007

Above stated references are listed as per our partners and shareholders ‘past and ongoing experiences’